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    Removing Form Recipients




      I have a customer survey that I sent out to about 190 recipients. I used the emails from our past customers that were filed in our ERP system (by copying and pasting into the Tracker), and distributed the form. There are of course many emails I recieved right away saying that there are some addresses that are no longer valid. I got like 20 undeliverables/ delivery failures. This isnt too big of a deal, but now, when I want to ping all the poeple that havent responded, I'm also going to ping the people that dont even have standing emails anymore.


      How do I remove recipients/ emails from the distribution list in the tracker? Is this possilble. I feel like this is a flaw in Adobe's Form Tracker. I have searched high and low, and can't seem to find any answer, and it is not evident in the Online Help or even in the Tracker itself.


      I have been told I will be distributing more forms in the future for my company, and I need to figure this out, because I know that someting like this will happen again.