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    andrewGP9 Level 1

      First time I'm using the HTTPRequest class to communicate with a server....


      So I've imported the com.adobe.awsi library and making a simple GET request works fine.


      var request:HttpRequest = new HttpRequest(HttpRequest.GET, "http://myurl.here", "");






      But making a POST request is a bit more puzzling, since I don't see how I can send along the document body as part of the request.


           var request:HttpRequest = new HttpRequest(HttpRequest.POST, "http://myurl.here", "");

          var str:String = "Send this string as part of my POST request";    





      Any ideas where I add that str?

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          lesavage Adobe Employee

          Hi andrewGP9,


          In CS Extension Builder we provide a CS Extension sample called 'Polyglot'. In CS Extension Builder choose File -> Import -> Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder > Remote Creatove Suite SDK Examples


          Click Next and select 'Polyglot'.


          In the source code for Polyglot, open AppController and function useGoogleApis. Although the request is a GET, you will see the following syntax:





          This syntax can also be used for adding parameters to a POST request.


          For further information, please refer to the API documentation which is available in CS Extension Builder through Help > CS Extension Builder Start Page > Learn More > Docs and API Reference > Adobe Web Services Infrastructure Library API Reference


          I hope this helps,