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    Auto-sizing pop-ups not sizing properly after converting RH9 project up to RH10.  Any ideas?

    DNCopeland Level 1

      We just upgraded to RH10 (the upgrade came with Adobe Technical Communications Suite 4 upgrade).  We successfully converted four projects that came over from RH9 to RH10.  I think my only issue is that all of my popups that were configured to open in the topic as "display in auto-sizing popup" are opening up as if they were in "page default" frame (see image map screen below):



      We are running IE9 browser and Windows 7 ops system.  These popups worked fine and sized themselves so that we could click off of them and go back to the main topic before we converted the project.  ANY IDEAS????


      P.S. I have already tried removing the display in auto-sizing popup option, then saving the topic, then changing back and nothing happened.  I did not change my css or the master page that the popups were assigned and which worked before the conversion.


      Thank you!!  I wonder if I will have to redo all of the image mapping to each of the popups in order to get auto-sizing popups to work.  Please advise.


      Message was edited by: DNCopeland I discovered another employee who has already moved up to RH10 was able to open the same project and see the pop-ups which open as autosized for her, not as a page default of the entire window as they are for me.