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    Ray-Traced Objects Disappear

    Seth Olson

      When I enable raytracing in the comp settings, add a shape or text layer, then turn on 3D switch (with or without a camera), the object disappears.  The outline or the rectangular edge remains when selected, the extrusion depth can be adjusted and updates the bounding box, but nothing is visable when I deselect those objects.  As soon as the 3D switch is off, everything reappears.  I am using CUDA v5.0.45 with OSX 10.7.5 and After Effects  Raytraced Plugin v 1.0.


      Restarting does not change anything.  I USED to get an error requesting CUDA v4 or greater, sometimes even since I updated to 5.  I do not know if this is related.  Suggestions?