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    Trouble with curves + trackpad, can't undo


      When I try to adjust the curves of a layer with a vector mask using my trackpad (clicking with my thumb, and moving the cursor with my pointer finger) something other than the curves changes. I know it is not curves because 1) it is applied whether I click apply or cancel in the curves window and 2) whatever this thing is, I can't undo it with command-Z or the history pane. It's not the blneding mode, opacity or fill that has changed. I'm assuming it has to do with some sort of gesture I don't mean to be doing. I have been able to adjust other layers with regular raster mask just fine. It seems to happen when I move the curve point up and then back down on the same click. The layers I've had this happen on are also using a lower layer as a clipping mask. This is a real problem because the only way to fix it is to revert to a saved version before this happened.