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    I am new


      How do I turn on the form to fill it out? How do I remove the wasted space with the garbage can on the right and empty space on the left?


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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          Do you want to create a fillable PDF form or a HTML form? Are you trying to collect data in FormsCentral?


          To collect data via a PDF form or an HTMl form go to the Distribute Tab. If you don't see a Distribute Tab it means that you are not sign-in. You will need to create a FormsCentral account and sign-in to collect data via an HTML form. If you want to create a PDF form and collect data in FormCentral you will also need to sign-in FormsCentral first.


          If you just want to create a PDF form (and not collect any data in FormsCentral) and you are using FormsCentral for Acrobat XI desktop application then you can save the form as a PDF (File > Save as PDF Form...). You do not need a FormsCentral account in this case.


          You can't remove the space on the left and right.



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            jcboys Level 1

            Thank you for the reply. I wonder if your program will work on a blackberry

            playbook and or Toshiba tablet? I am working with word to accomplish filling

            out my forms at this time. I would like to use a smaller unit as I am a

            roofing inspector and it would be nice if it was possible to fill out the

            forms electronically on the roof. Attach the pictures and later send them

            out to General Contractors, the office, roofing company etc. This is being

            done by doing it with pen and paper on the roof and taking pictures with a

            camera. Then later I retype the form blanks add the pictures and distribute

            the reports as needed. The office sometimes corrects the report as they deem

            necessary. Your program does a lot of things but I only need to be able to

            fill in less than 10 one page forms. I hope this explains what I am after

            and looking for any and all advice you may have.



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              Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

              I don't know about blackberry but if you have an android device or an iOS device and you have internat access on the roof then you can have an HTML form with an Attachment field. Your inspectors can fill out the form, attach any images to the form and submbit it from the roof. For more information about attachments see : http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2656


              There is a maximum of 20MB per image (paid account) and 10MB per image (free account).