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    What do I do if I am using various footage with various framerates in a project?


      I am creating a mini documentary using some found footage for one of my final projects at USF  in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.


      Many of my footage clips are random framerates. Most of them (eleven) are 23.97. Then there are a bunch of others: one is 19.98, seven are 29.97, and three are 30.30.


      I have re-interpreted a few of the clips and it worked out okay, but every clip has audio so changing the framerate in 'interperate footage' for some was a no go, as it damages the audio.


      Also, should I not have started my project set with a 29.97 framerate? When I began I did not realize the many different framerates I was going to have to try to accomidate with.