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    How can I get a really large (30MB) InDesign file to a PDF under 10MB?

    MOD indy-go girl Level 1

      It's a 20-page document including dozens of photos and a few vector graphics which are .pdf or .ai, respectively. All are links, not embedded. I created the document for print, but now need a version to post on a website which has a max size of 10 MB.


      I've tried a whole bunch of things including:

      • Selecting Export to Adobe PDF as "smallest file size"
      • Reducing the size in Photoshop of all of the linked photos. (FYI, they now range from 1MB to 4MB)
      • Saving the PDF as a reduced size PDF.
      • When exporting to PDF, compressing all images down to 72 ppi. (This got me to the smallest size I've been able to get: just over 18 MB)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




      -- Melissa