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    CF 10 mobile app dev

    idesdema Level 1

      I found a tutorial on building a mobile app using cf10 (rest), MySQL, and ajax.  http://training.figleaf.com/curriculum/cfjqm.cfm


      However, it isn't the best tutorial for me because I'm looking for something that will help me better understand the how to build a cf10 db driven mobile app.  This tute is more of a copy/paste then test.  That's not to say there aren't some great tips in it and I have certainly learned from it.  But a lot of the app is prebuilt and I've had a lot of difficulty getting things to work as the tutorial says they will.  The first walkthrough will not allow the registration of the REST service via the admin because "there aren't any REST enabled cfc's".  The second one will allow the REST registration, and I can build a form... but the GET data section does not work.


      I'm not loving this tutorial.  Perhaps its just me but I've meticulously reviewed all my code and it is exactly what is in the tute and yet it does not work.


      Can someone please provide some useful links (CF10 + REST + Ajax + data + mobile) so I can build a simple db driven app using cf10 and MySQL?  I am using Dreamweaver too although I'm not as strict on the dev environment.  I do want to make sure its cf10 and MySQL though.


      Please do not say "google it" because I've already done that.  I also searched Amazon and did not find anything published on the topic.