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    When I update the book, the first image in the book enlarges, no matter what image file I import.


      I am using FM 9.0 with some legacy 2-year old files. They've all compiled fine for years, until now. 


      Now, no matter what image file I use, or which file format the image is in, when I update the book, the very first image in the book automatically enlarges!


      I've done the following, with no luck:

      • Deleted the anchored frame and re-created it.
      • Saved the image as a different file type.
      • Used an entirely different image.
      • Removed the entire page (the Update process then enlarge the NEXT image).
      • Created an entirely new chapter file and copied/pasted everything from the chapter into the new file.


      The rest of the images in the book are fine, it's just that very first one that magically enlarges itself.

      The image file is imported by reference, and I've tried jpg, png, and gif.

      The anchored frame is set to 'below the current line.'

      I can save the chapter file, close it, and re-open it to see the file scaled correctly. ONLY when I update the book does the problem occur.


      Help! Any ideas?