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    Convert URL to Hyperlink


      I have a large document with about 400 web and email addresses that I had hoped to create hyperlinks for when exporting to PDF format. I did "Convert URLs to Hyperlinks" a couple pages at a time, which seemed to create hyperlinks. However, when I exported the PDF, the "link" was to the document rather than to a URL or email address. I went back to change the destinations, but when I change it from "Shared Destination" (which seems to be the default) to "URL" or "Email" the boxes go empty, requiring me to cut and paste the URL or email address. What gives? Is there any way to streamline this process? I can't find any preferences. I have no idea what purpose is served by the Shared Destination links going back to a document on my hard drive, when the whole purpose of a PDF is to make it something you can send to someone else... sorry. Very frustrated here! Thanks for any suggestions or help anyone might offer. This is something that comes up regularly.