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    Unable see page on publisher in AEM/CQ5.6

    AnkitCh Level 1

      I am trying to replicate the geometrixx-media/page/article component in adobe CQ 5.6.I created a component geometrixx-media/page/mycomp and then copied the files content.jsp and 8x4col.jsp from geometrixx-media/page/article and removed the default mycomp.jsp and saved geometrixx-media/components/page as sling:resourceSuperTpe. I created a page using a template that I created and published it. The page seems to be working fine on the author environment but on publisher environment all I could see is a blank screen. After that I removed both the copied jsp files (content.jsp and8x4col.jsp) and created a file mycomp.jsp and entered some default text "hello". I created another page using my template and published it. This time I am able to see the default text "hello" on the author environment. Could you please help on this. Do let me know if there is any other info I need to provide.