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    Listening to Workflow Events?


      I know there are a lot of pages (http://wem.help.adobe.com/enterprise/en_US/10-0/wem/developing/developing_workflows.html) that talk about this, but I haven't been able to get it to work. The bundle that I created successfully registers and starts (according to logs), but it doens't seem to work.  When I start a workflow, I only see this in the logs:


      com.day.cq.workflow.impl.statistics.CQWorkflowStatisticsService Received event of topic: com/day/cq/workflow/event


      No where does my class seem to get output any of my log statements (even if I cut and paste from the above link). I have another class in the same bundle that properly executes the Dynamic Participant Step and it works, so I *believe* my bundle is correct. Does the CQWorkflowStatisticsService class take precedence?


      Help! FYI, we're using CQ 5.4