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    Trying to delete "submit" button. Tried unsucessfully 5 times. Need help and want to start over.


      I created a pdf that I just wanted people to be able to fill in, download, print out and then mail to me.  I followed the instructions from a previous acrobat expert who replied to me yesterday and that did not work.  Now, I've tried this 5 times and the system has blocked me out unless I pay for your advanced system which is $143.  Please help

      Re: Want to delete the "submit" link on a pdf

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      I believe this is a form that you created with FormsCentral and then you downloaded/saved as PDF via the "Save Submission-Enabled PDF" button via the Distribute Tab.


      Please select via FormsCentral app main menu:

      - File -> Save As PDF Form... and then

      - when you get the dialog "Would you like your PDF form to collect responses online in the "View Responses" tab?" select "Don't Collect Responses" button.

      This will save the PDF form without the Submit button/link.




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