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    Bridge for Newbie

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      I can't find a Bridge forum, so I'll ask my question(s) here.


      I've been using CS3 for years and just subscribed to Creative Suite Cloud. I've never used Bridge; hardly even knew what it was. I just started exploring Bridge Cloud and am sold, though I can see it's going to be a steep learning curve.


      I have several dynamic websites that are generally associated with one master site. For example, a dozen different sites might use a php include named www.mysite.com/includes/Header.php


      So a site named World.com might consist of little more than a home page and static pages for each section (Topics, etc.), each one linked to a series of includes in the main site (mysite.com).


      Images are more complex. I originally wanted to store all images in mysite.com, but I'm not moving towards putting all the images for World.com on that website, and likewise for the other sites. Background images are more complex, because I can't connect with some of them unless they're on mysite.com, depending on whether I'm using a style sheet  (and what site the style sheet's on), or a PHP include.


      I've made attempts to use a database to list every image and control its display, but that gets complex really fast.


      In other words, it's a can of worms, though it's generally working, and I'm constantly refining it.


      * * * * *


      Anyway, I have four basic questions that will help me put things in perspective, though I'm asking anyone to tackle all five. Any tips would be helpful.


      First, I'm hoping to somehow achieve total control over my images...


      1. Is there a way to automatically register every image in every site, even if it isn't used in a web page? Actually, the answer has to be yes, since all web pages and assets are registered when I import site definitions. But is there some master control I can use to view, compare and manipulate images from various sites? For example, let's say I have five images named Elephant.jpg on four different websites. It would be nice if I could determine if any of these images are exactly the same, which ones are used in particular websites and which ones aren't being used at all. (Or is this something I should do with Lightroom?)


      2. When I save an image for the web with Photoshop, I assume it will be automatically added to the mix, since it will become part of a site's assets. But if I save an image as a Photoshop file, will Bridge automatically keep track of its location? For example, if I drag it into a new folder, will Bridge remember its new location?


      3. Do you have any tips regarding integrating Bridge with Lightroom (or Apple Aperture)? I currently have Aperture, but I want to upgrade to Lightroom, if I can figure out how to download it. (It's supposed to be part of the Creative Suite Cloud.) Do Bridge, Photoshop and Lightroom all work together, so each program more or less knows what's happening to an image in another program? If I'm able to download Lightroom, then I'm going to import all my images from Aperture (hopefully with the metadata intact).


      4. I'm on a Mac, so I'm in the habit of navigating all my sites with Finder, which I often used to open images and move them from one folder to another. I assume I'm going to have to break the latter habit and start using Bridge to drag files from one folder to another, right? But what about opening files? Is it generally OK to open files with Finder, or can even that somehow interfere with the operation of Bridge or the Creative Suite Cloud?