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    How To De_Activate


      Hi everyone. Hope you're well. Have a problem. I bought a new processor and motherboard, but in my haste, I didn't de-activate the original premiere pro that was on my primary drive. Windows 7 now appears to have a function where you can put old information and retain it rather than the old format and lose everything when you re-install windows, but it seems to just be files and pictures and stuff, and when I went to my program list after the re-install, there were no programs listed, so it definitely got wiped. I re-installed CS5.5 and everything was cool, but then it came up that I need to de-activate one of my computers because I have one on my laptop and now technically I have two on this computer, even though one is essentially gone. Is there a good course of action here? Or would I need to contact some other Adobe Admins and explain the situation and they'll just eliminate the other activation? Thanks and look forward to your answer!