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      Hello -


      I accidentally put my InDesign icon in the trash. Now I am unable to drag it back out of the trash and onto the desktop or back into the applications folder. Help! Thank you!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Try again after a reboot, maybe?

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            Ellis home Level 4

            When you open your trash, it doesn't show something like "restore items"? If it was on your desktop, most likely it was just a shortcut to the program, not the program itself. You can get it back by right click on the program in All Programs/Send To/Desktop.

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              AMreso Level 4

              may i know which operating system you are using?


              You can try these things.


              1. open trash(Mac)/Recycle bin(win) than select the indesign icon, try Right-Clicking on the file within the Trash and select ‘Put Back’ from the contextual menu(Mac) on windows after selecting the indesign icon in Recycle bin > right click restore.

              2. Go to application folder on Mac , open indesign folder, select the indesign application icon create an alias. or on windows all programs. Indesign > rightclick indesign icon> send to desktop(create shortcut).