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    How can I select both brown and blue box of an image


      I know that the blue box is for cropping the image and the brown box is for resizing, but appearently, I can only select one or another... It is so annoying when I can trying to resize the image while keep the same cropping. I always end up having the crop it again because now the image is either smaller or bigger... Is there a way to select both and resize both???


      Thanks guys

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @yiluka3333 – select the container of the image (you call it "the blue box") and drag one of the handles with the mouse while pressing cmd + shift (Mac) or strg + shift (Windows) keys. So the container together with the image inside is scaled.


          Cmd (Strg) key is for scaling container + contents together.
          Shift key for proportional scaling.


          You also could use the fields with the percentages (close the chain right to it to scale evenly) where you can use other units than % for the desired width or height like mm, pt (px and pt should yield the same result).


          Strange enough: "i" for inch does not work in my German InDesign CS5.5 where the help states otherwise.
          Instead I have to use the German word for inch: "Zoll" or simply "z"!