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    Marquee selection deletion.


      Does anyone know how to use the Marquee tool in Fireworks CS6 to choose an area of a vector eclipse and delete it?


      I'm running it on Windows 7 x64. I've managed to do this to a vactor rectangle...once! I started out just wanting to halve an eclipse but found that the marquee tool is a bit temperamental.


      Anyone got any ideas?


      Steps I took:


      1. Draw an eclipse.

      2. Make sure eclipse is selected.

      3. Choose Marquee tool.

      4. Box in half of eclipse.

      5. Hit Delete.


      ...nothing! Like I said, it worked once on a rectangle, and I have no idea why. I googled it and all the steps shown online (like using Ctrl and the cursor to cut the section away) do not work.