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    Import external xml file in PDF using Livecycle


      I require sending some values in main xml file from the external xml file during sending mail on button click. Doing so, I want to read values from external file into a hidden field or send the external xml/text file as an attachment.


      1. Is there any feature in live cycle to attach multiple xml/text files in mail using button click?

      2. Is there any way to read an external xml file to pre-populate a textbox using javascript?


      Kindly help me to find out the solution.


      Thanks in advance

      Vikram Kumar

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          Mandy_Wiesener Level 3



          1) You can do this with a script. But this script works only with the Acrobat Pro not with the Adobe Reader!!

          2) Sure.

          • You open your form.
          • Go to File | Form Properties |  Preview | then choose your xml-file


          • Then you have to got to the textobject | mark this | go to "Object" | "Binding"
          • Here you can bind the field: $record.PRINTJOB.PMSDATA.ObjectNameXML (You have to adapt this in the path in your XML to the field in the XML)
          • If you make a preview you will see the value of the XML in your textfield.


          You can also script the databinding. You have to go to the initalize.event and write:

          this.rawValue = xfa.record.PathToYourFieldInYourXML.ObjectNameXML.value;


          Hope it will helps you,