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    Referencing progress bars against loaded media

    DJ_James Level 1
      I'm completely new to AS3 and am having a lot of problems with it...

      We have a CBT that loads multiple media files (FLV, SWF or JPGs and PNGs) and I want to show a progress bar for each file that is loaded, and when its completed, remove the progress bar.. I'm having problems referencing which progress bar goes with with media file!

      I don't get how to keep track of what progress bar goes with what media.. with the event stuff being passed in, I can't seem to get a way to reference which progress bar goes with which loaded media. We can have anywhere from 1 to up to 10 peices of media being displayed on the screen.

      I know this code is all messed up, but can someone look at it and see what I can do to reference this properly?