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    How do you display database in Dreamweaver CS6?


      Trouble displaying 'greendata' database in Dreamweaver CS6


      I am working on the exercise files for Adobe's Dreamweaver CS6 "Classroom In A Book", CH. 13 'Working with Online Data'. The problem I am facing is that the database provided in the exercise files ‘greendata’ is not being listed when I go to select a database.


      I followed the specific instructions; but, I am still new to Dreamweaver and programming.

      The MySQL Connection is working on the MySQL server 'localhost' with User name ‘root.’



      I have XAMPP installed on my computer to run MySQL/PHP. I already checked localhost using my web browser to make sure that the ‘greendata’ is listed as a database; yet, it is not listed from the options when I try to set it up in Dreamweaver. 


      How can I solve this problem? Please help! 


      I need to have the 'greendata' database displayed from the list of options under 'select' within the MySQL Connection in Dreamweaver.