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    Table of contents not displaying in IE

      I was wondering if someone could help me. I have a web application running in tomcat. When the browser is Internet explorer 6.0 the help displays fine but when i click a link that should load a table of contents and have navigation functionality it does not display. I get an error on the status bar about an object not existing or being null. If I use Firefox or Netscape navigator as the browser I do not have this problem.
      Also if I move the help directory to the tomcat Root directory the help will display correctly in Internet explorer.

      Has anyone come across this before.
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          Lizzyma5 Level 1
          i would really appreciate some help on this. I have no experience with Robohelp. Our documentation team put the help together and we use it in our web application. The problem seems to be a combination of the web application and the Internet Explorer. I have removed all security settings in the web.xml file but the problem persists.
          Any comments/suggestions very welcome
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi Lizzyma5

            If I were in your shoes, here is the approach I would take. Assuming your WebHelp sits on a server, just open it up via the WebHelp start page with the application you are linking it to removed from the mix. Does the TOC work now? I'm guessing it will.

            Your job is to prove to your developers that it works generically. But fails once they begin linking to it in whatever manner they are. And from that point, you are pretty much removed from the picture, as there is really next to nothing you can do to change what it is they are doing. I know this really does little to assist the situation, as I'm sure that they will still be looking to you for the "why's" and "tell us what we are doing wrong here".

            By the way, what is Tomcat? Is it another browser? Or is it similar to Apache? A web server software?

            Cheers... Rick