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    Spell Check

    BEGINNER_X Level 3

      Hi All,


      Is it possible to spell check in Indesign scripting? And also create Report for missing spell check.


      I am checking forum but I cannot get the result.



      Please find the attachment.


      Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 6.35.15 PM.png



      Thanks in advance


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          BEGINNER_X Level 3

          Hi All,


          Any update for the above thread.....


          Could anyone give solution for my request.





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            Trevorׅ Adobe Community Professional

            Hi BEGINNER,


            You can buy a plug in from Mindsteam which gives you this capability. It might be that only the pro version suports scripting.

            Other than that you can't do it unless you use the kspelling object in c++ or export you document to word or acrobat and use VB to generate a list with those applications and import that list.


            You could look into use the apid program, I don't know whether that could do it.

            By far the easiest way is using the MindsSpell plugin from Mindsteam.




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              Pickory Level 3

              You should be able to turn the dynamic spelling on/off from your script.


              The MindStream plugin does seem to be the only plugin that is scriptable.


              If you only need to see the dynamic spelling indicators for proof reading, then SpellProof prints the dynamic spelling to pdf.