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    Forms blank when sent from IPAD.


      I've created a fillable form on my PC.  All of the recipients use IPAD.  When they fill out the form and email it back to me it is blank.  When I do it from my PC it works fine.  Can someone help me figure out why???  We downloaded Adobe Reader to the IPADs to fill them out....but when they click to email it back, the form clears....HELP!!

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          Dennis Griffin (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hello Georganne, I would like to get some information to understand what you're seeing, so we can help you through, or discover if there's a bug that we need to fix.


          When you say they fill out the form on theur iPad and return it, that the form is blank. I'd like to dig on this a little more to make sure of the exact situation.Are you opening the form on your PC and seeing the form as empty? Or are they saying that when they look at the attached form in the iPad email application it appears blank?


          I ask this question because the iPad email app's rendering of PDF has a bug that makes it not render form contents, so it may appear blank there, even if the data is in the form. If you got the form and looked at it on your PC, and the data just isn't there, that is a different problem that is in our product somewhere.


          If you could send a sample of the file you sent out, along with a response that was returned empty, we can take a look and give a more definitive answer.

          Please send the files and the context of this thread to adobereader-ios@adobe.com, and we will get back with you on what we discover.


          Dennis Griffin

          Principal Product Manager

          Adobe Reader for Tablets and Smartphones

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            GeorganneG Level 1

            Well….I haven’t actually gotten a response.  I am testing before it goes out and it won’t come into my email.  I am waiting to hear from our IS department to see if this is an issue on our end.  When they look at it being ready to be sent it is blank.  I will try to get IS to figure out why it’s not coming and follow up with you.  In the meantime, I have attached the form.  Thank you!!

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              Dennis Griffin (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Hello Georganne, I have verified that  what you are seeing is the iOS email app bug that prevents it from showing form contents. I filled the form on my iPad and sent it to myself, and the form contents appear correctly when viewed on my PC, or when viewed again in other PDF apps on the iPad


              Unfortunately, this iOS email bug is not one that we can readily fix, because it is in Apple’s code. And because the display works properly everywhere else, you should be safe to proceed, though I recognize that it is disconcerting to see what appears to be a failed form sent.



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                GeorganneG Level 1

                Can I ask what email you used?  Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail?  We can’t seem to get it to come from the iPad to the outlook, it will go to Hotmail and Gmail, but it’s not even hitting our spam filter on outlook….is there another glitch or a setting that needs to be changed?

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                  Dennis Griffin (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                  Hello Georganne,


                  What I did was open the PDF you send me in Adobe Reader on my iPad, filled out some items in the form, and then emailed it to my corporate email address. The email preview of the PDF did not show the form contents, but I sent the email anyway. When the email arrived to my desktop email client (Outlook), I opened the attached PDF in Adobe Reader for Windows, and verified that the form data was present.


                  I'm not sure what you are asking. Are you saying that you are sending an email from your iPad, and the sent email will be successfully delivered to some email addresses, but not others? If so, then that problem is unrelated to Adobe Reader, but instead would be related the mail provider or spam filtering service for the address that is not getting the email. The fact that the email makes it to some addresses indicates that the email can be successfully sent. You may need to get your IT involved to debug why your outlook is not getting emails that are being sent.


                  Some things I would suggest you try to narrow this:

                  If you send other emails from the same account on your iPad to the same recipient do they make it through?

                  Can you send PDF atttachments to that same recipient from sources other than Adobe Reader?



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                    GeorganneG Level 1

                    Thank You.  We are stumped.  I do have IT involved and they are stumped as well.  We’ll figure it out!!  Just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t another bug!!