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    Installer (2nd level) hangs at 7% then quits

    gary_sc Adobe Community Professional

      I've recently updated to X.8.3 (from X.6.8) via a complete erase and install. When I go to a web page with Flash, I'm told to update my Flash. I download the installer and then start the installer up. The Flash window shows that the 2nd level installer is downloading and quickly goes to 7% then hangs. After a few minutes, the windows goes away, no message, no nothing.


      When I go to the Adobe help pages, they tell you to uninstall what you have (I can't uninstall what hasn't been installed), it tells me to be sure I'm downloading the latest version (I have), and as I keep on trying to dig deeper into adobe support, I keep on getting turned right back to the same page that isn't helping me at all. I feel like I'm in an old Twilight Zone episode.


      So how can I install Flash on my Mac Pro running X.8.3 into Safari and FireFox?