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    Problem with rollover hotspot behaviors & centering page


      Good Morning,


      I have reviewed numerous forums and tutorials in search of an answer to my problems but have failed to resolve them.


      I am hoping that the experts in this forum can assist.


      Here are my current issues:


      • Cannot seem to apply ANY behaviors to my hotspots.  I would like to have the hotspots be highlighted or fade in/out upon mouseover.  When I try to apply, nothing happens.
      • I would like to have the page centered at all times with a black background around it.  Can't seem to get this to happen either.
      • I do not have any code in place for either of these because they would not work.  So I figured I would start here.


      Below is the link to my project, please let me know if you need anything further so that I can help you help me.


      Thank you in advance.