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    Connecting CF8 to Oracle 11g with JDBC

    alecken Level 1

      I created a datasource from my CF admin using JDBC/Oracle Thin Client. The datasource creation was successful.

      When Oracle encryption is configured as "Requested" I can browse my CF app. and ran many functionalities with no problem

      But when the Oracle encryption is configured as "Required" the connection failed.

      The way I tested and know that it was failed was when I login in to my web app. It won't log me in. But when the Oracle is switched back as "Requested"

      I can login successfully and ran may tasks.

      I have CF8 Enterprise version in Unix

      From the network dept, I was told they have the correct JAR file in place but did not tell me what is the correct JAR file

      Currently my web apps are running with datasource created using Oracle Thin Clint but the Oracle encryption needs to be switched back to "Requested" otherwise my users are complaining that they can't login.


      Where should I go from here???? has anyone ever experienced this situation and found a solution? What is going on with my situation, what should I do to fix Please help.