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    "unlock key" required for Premiere Elements 8 to use sony DCR-sx65


      Dear sirs:


      I recently received Adobe Premiere Elements 8 for use in my classroom. As supplied by Depco, It came with a Canon ZR960 DV camcorder. It utilizes a fire wire which is not available on my computer. I have a Sony DCR-SX65 camera that uses an SD card and USB connection.


      When I try to “Get Media” I choose the proper type of camera, etc., and attempt to download video when I get a message to obtain an “unlock key” from www.adobe.com/go/premiereel encoder only to be told the link doesn’t exist. I’m assuming this is because Sony camera is not supported and/or the link is outdated.


      Is there a way to obtain the unlock key?


      Thank you.


      Respectfully yours,