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    Adobe Edge - generic questions

    areynoldsdh1 Level 1

      Hi,  I've a couple of fairly generic questions regarding Adobe Edge:  - Is it part of the Adobe Creative Cloud? - I'm looking to produce animated online web ads (leader board / MPU) As far as I'm aware I can produce HTML 5 in this, is this correct?  Can I also produce .swf files too?  My overall aim to get trained on a package which can produce online interactive animated ads (which will play on both PC and Apple devices old and new).  Flash only seems to produce .swf (don't work on some Apple products) Is Edge the answer?  Thanks in advance,  Andy

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          Kapil.Malik Adobe Employee

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            resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Tough Animated is not quite like Flash especially concerning vectors and masks, you can do a lot with Edge which is also ideal for Apple products that do not allow Flash. So, by all means, learn Animate and see what you can do with it. I personnaly, like many on this forum, love it. It is still a product which is evolving but I think it is going in the right direction.

            This forum will help you solve issues that you may have. Adobe Dev team members and regular forum members are very active here, helping those who need it and we are all together learning new things every day.

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              elainecc Adobe Employee

              Hi, Andy-


              Edge Animate is available for download from the Creative Cloud, so you should already be able to see it in your offerings.  Animate works natively in HTML, so it can't output SWF.  I believe Flash can export to Canvas using CreateJS (http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/flash-to-html5.html), but Canvas support is uneven across all browsers.  We are working with other advertising agencies, so I can tell you that there is good interest in Edge Animate as a solution for HTML-based animated advertisements.


              Hope that helps you,



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                sarhunt Adobe Employee

                Hey Andy,


                Edge Animate will export content using native HTML technologies, including CSS, HTML and JS. No plugin requires (re, Flash Player) and your content is mobile friendly. We don't export as SWF. Animate is perfect for HTML-centric banner ads without having to worry about your content being viewed cross-browser.


                One caveat; we don't support IE8 and below, however you can create a static fallback experience with links to appease this use case.