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    NEW: Flex 2.0 & Rails Site for UTSA Delta Sigm Pi

      View the site here !!!

      My name is Shannon (Mr.) McCleary. I am developing this site for UTSA. It is a "DUMB mirror" of the final release, for I still have to add alot more components and content to create and some code optimizing.

      Special thanks to all the Mike Potter & Derek Wischusen tutorials, Adobe Labs, and the forum members for all of the interesting and definitely lucrative ways to deploy Flex applications.


      Purchase a well designed icon package to fit your content genre= $79 ( All Flex appliciations deserve it !!!!!! )
      Photoshop CS2
      Apache2triad ( Perl, MySQL, PHP)
      Ruby on Rails
      Dreamweaver 8
      Flex 2.0
      and a creative mind.

      I plan to push out some serious medical and client management apps too.