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    Problems with K-12 Education licensing


      I Really can't believe that Adobe is trying to kill off the K-12 Education market for their products! I have been a CLP license holder and when I went to do my renewal this year I was told that Adobe would not honor it's agreements and would not renew my CLP agreeement...now I have to repurchase my site license at 4x the amount that I have paid in the past killing my program outright...I am required to have 300 licenses when I only need about 50 (the old licensing gave us up to 250 seats...) I am really disappointed in Adobe, and I can't believe that they are trying to kill off the Education market.

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          Adobe has no intention to reduce focus on the education market. A corporate decision was made earlier this year to end the availability of the upgrade plan offering which has affected some of our Creative Suite K-12 Site License customers like yourself who were used to simply renewing their CLP upgrade plan agreements. Adobe is working on a new licensing model for schools and universities which will be released later this year. We hope that this new model will work for your school.