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    Working with 30p and 24p in premiere


      I would like some advice on mixing 30fps footage with 24fps footage. Or, shooting all in 30p, but I would want the final video in 24p without any quality loss.



      I have two shoot days for a short video I am making. The first day I shot an entire interview and tons of broll in 30fps. I have another day of shooting and was wondering what my best option would be: Either to keep shooting the rest in 30p and then putting all 30p footage on a 24p timeline? Or, finish my next shoot day with 24p (having both 30p and 24p footage) and then putting the mix footage on a 24 timeline? Or, is there too much quality now that will be lost, if I take 30p to 24p?



      Suggestions? My ultimate goal is to have a cinematic look and feel.


      This will be my first project in premiere.