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    can't uninstall adobe flash


      I am trying to install Roxio Creator on my computer and get an error message that indicates a problem with adobe flash, so I tried to update flash and that installation fails as well because it says that a newer version is already installed (it's not the newest version...it's 11.6.602.180).  So I tried the adobe flash uninstaller and it uninstalls my firefox flash but not the one for IE.  The uninstaller appears to work, but when I test the version using IE, it still shows 11.6.602.180.  There is nothing listed in add/remove programs, so I am lost as to how to uninstall it so that I can install the current version.


      IE is version 10.0.9200.16519


      I am running Windows 8 64-bit and it appears that the IE version of flash is the problem.  Rebooting between the unistall and reinstall has no effect.  I have also tried to boot into safe mode to remove and reinstall, but the same issues as above.  I have tried to uninstall/install by right clicking the files and running as administrator but that doesn't help either.  I have also tried to disable all startup items in msconfig as well as using task manager's startup page.  I have also tried disabling all add--ons in IE.


      Any other suggestions?