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    Make a a preloader for each symbols in the scene.

    rattle-snake23 Level 1

      Hi guys, I need some help !


      I'm going to make my first site with edge animate, and I have learned almost anything I need but... it's missing something important (it's a portfolio splitted into several parts with hight res pictures)


      I don't know how to display my content.

      - Is it better to build the pages as symbols ? And show/hide them depending on the menu.

      => The problem is as my pictures are heavy and  I don't want to preload everything at the beginning. I would like to know how to preload one by one my symbols (the pages).


      - Or is it better to build different html pages for each sections ?

      => if I do this, is it still possible to preload a single image, when the visitor clicks on it in order to display it in full sreen ?


      Thanks a lot in advance for your help