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    Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 email button question

    JaysFan Level 1

      I am using Adobe Lifecycle Designer ES2 to create an Adobe Acrobat X pdf form. The form uses a checkbox to select different options, and then the form is sent via e-mail to a specific e-mail address. I am wondering if it is possible to script the following option when sending the e-mail:


      I have a dropdown list box where a person's name is selected e.g. John Smith.    Depending upon which person is selected, is it possible to include their name in the cc field of the e-mail message, so that John Smith is appended to @abc.com  for an e-mail address of john.smith@abc.com


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          Mandy_Wiesener Level 3



          You can do the following:

          • You have to use a normal button!!
          • Please copy the following code in the click-event of the normal button!
          • You have only adapt if the name of your DropDwonList is not the same ( in line 1 and line 4)!!
          • If the user don't use the DD the buttons don't works. The button works if the user select any emal of the DD.


          if(DropdownListe1.rawValue != null)
              //fill in e-mail
              var Mailto = DropdownListe1.rawValue;
              //var Mailto = "test@test.de";
              //fill in subject
              //var YourSubject = Formular1.s1.subject.rawValue;
              var YourSubject = "Test Subject";
              //fill in message
              //var YourMessage = "Content PDF:\r" + "Field content: " + Formular1.s1.inhalt.rawValue + "\rName: " 
              var YourMessage = "This is a test message.\r2.row start here.\r3.row here.";
              //fill in e-mail cc
              //var CC = Formular1.s1.emailcc.rawValue;
              var CC = "testcc@test.de";
              //fill in e-mail bcc
              //var BCC = Formular1.s1.emailbcc.rawValue;
              var BCC = "testbcc@test.de";
              var Mail = "mailto:" + Mailto + "?Subject=" + YourSubject + "&Body=" + YourMessage + "&cc=" + CC + "&bcc=" + BCC;
              //cSubmitAs: "PDF" send the pdf as attachment
              //cSubmitAs: "XML" send the pdf as xml-attachment
              cURL: Mail,
              bEmpty: true,
              cSubmitAs: "XML"




          Hope it will helps you,


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            JaysFan Level 1

            Hi Mandy,


            Thank you very much for your reply. I created a new normal button and copied the code in form in Adobe LiveCycle ES2. I extended the Adobe Reader Features in Adobe Acorbat X, and then opened the pdf form in Adobe Acrobat X reader. I am able to process the form, and exactly as you said, if I don't select a person from the drop down list, the E-mail submit button doesn't work. Upon filling out the entire form (including select a person from the drop down dialog box), the e-mail submit button displays a dialog box called Send Form. I have inherited the original form another programmer. I suspect there is coding hidden in the form, but I am sure where. I am attaching a screen shot for your reference.  Appreciate you help.





            send form button.jpg

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              Anoop9178 Adobe Employee

              When we distribute a form via Acrobat and it picks the sender information from its preference setting.


              Go to Edit -> Preferences -> identity (category) -> check the identity information.

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                Willie2013 Level 1



                I'm also using this script.  When I submit as XML it works perfectly, but when I try and submit as pdf by just changing

                cSubmitAs: "XML"


                cSubmitAS: "PDF"


                it does not work.  Any ideas?