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    How to "fatten up" letters?


      Test.jpgI am overlaying a name on a metal plate and have a font style and size picked out, but I need to increase the weight of the individual letters, mainly the "light strokes". I tried the tedious process of outlining each letter with the Magic Wand tool, expanding by 3 pix, and filling, but one letter would then touch the next, so selecting the next letter would then incliude the letter I'd already expanded. Outside of picking a different font, is there a way to increase the weight of a group of letters? I'm using PSE 7 on a Win7 computer.

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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          I don't understand the issue entirely, esp. use of the magic wand tool in this instance. Perhaps you can clarify.


          Using the text tool, the smaller "JOHN SMITH" is at 72 pt, the larger at 110 pt.. When using this tool, you are not limited to the pt sizes in the drop-down. Highlight the displayed value, and type in a larger size.


          john smith.jpg

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            Barbara B. Level 7

            If I understand what you want to do, try this:


            1. Use the magic wand with contiguous OFF to select the letters.


            2. Select>Expand, and then, depending on how many pixels you expand, your selection should look like this:


            Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 4.26.16 PM.png


            Set your foreground color to black (or whatever text color you want, and go to Edit>Fill Selection:


            Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 4.27.12 PM.png

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              RobS10 Level 1

              I have limited horizontal space, so increasing the point size makes it too long

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                RobS10 Level 1

                That's it, Barbara! The unchecking Contiguous was the trick. Thank you! And to both you and Hatstead, thank you for the quick responses. I really appreciate all the help I have gotten here, and never feel like I'm asking a dumb question

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                  hatstead Adobe Community Professional

                  ok. I understand now.

                  Try this:


                  Type JOHN SMITH. This text will be on its own layer

                  Simplify the layer (Layer menu>Simplify Layer)

                  Get the Move tool out of the tool box. There will be a bounding box around the text. Drag with the side handle from west to east to spread out the letters. The height should not be altered with this maneuver.