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    IDS returns before it is finished exporting files


      I send a call to InDesign Server CS6 which renders an INDD file and exports each page as a PNG. Once IDS sends a return value, I use the images with another tool. However, the other tool ends up crashing because the images do not yet exist.


      It appears that IDS does not wait for the files to finish exporting before returning a result value from the script being run.


      Currently, once I get a return from IDS, I have to keep checking if the images exist every 500ms before calling the other tool to use the images. This is very slow.


      Why doesn't the script run synchronously with the exportFile call? From searching on the forums here, it appears that IDS should do just that (as apposed to InDesign GUI which has asynchronous export). If this is not the case, could someone tell me how I can get the script to wait for the file to finish exporting before continuing?


      Thank you.