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    H.264 export causes frame rate errors


      I've had this problem for awhile but just recently figured out what causes it to happen, but I still haven't figured out WHY. When I export video using the H.264 codec in Premiere CS5 (and this happened on earlier versions too, and with multiple computers) I get a video that plays great on my machine. When a Mac or Quicktime tries to view it suddenly there are weird issues with the frame rate that sometimes cause weird stuttering during playback or audio/video sync issues when the tracks are exported separately. If I import the bad video into Premiere and look at the properties, everything checks out fine (24fps, etc). When I look at the properties through VLC Media Player it says it's 48fps. When I open the SAME video in Quicktime it tells me it's 24.04fps! This inconsistency is only appearing when I have video on track 2 of my export timeline. See the images below.


      Anybody else have the same problem? Is there a solution coming? Thanks in advance for any help.