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    I can connect but get a white screen




      I have adobe edge inspect (free version) on my computer, iphone 4s and ipad3. I created a wifi network on my computer so I can share my computers internet connection with my devices (to connect to our network server) I am using a Macbook Pro - Retina with all latest updates and software (on all divices all software it up to date)


      I have no problem connecting to adobe edge inspect to start. My computer and the devices get recognized immediately. I can also see that they are using the same network I created. But after they are connected, all I get is a white screen, that does not display any site in Chrome at all. I tried the simplest ones like Google and many others. Nothing is showing. I get the same result with my iphone and ipad.


      I have deleted the app and reinstalled it to no luck.


      And the crazy part about this is that this was all working perfectly yesterday, on both the iphone and ipad without a problem. Same network and everything.


      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.




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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          Some questions and things to try:

          1. Can you take a screenshot of what you're seeing on your devices?
          2. Can you provide specific examples of URLs that are failing for you? If you provide the exact URL, that may give me some clue what's going on.
          3. Try turning off your computer firewall and see if that makes any difference
          4. When you get a failure, try clicking on the button in the upper right hand corner of the screen and choose "Open in Browser" and tell me what you see there. Even better... give me a screenshot of the whole screen including the URL.



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            lbmann22 Level 1

            Hi Mark,


            Thanks for responding.  I took a photo with my iphone of my ipad and what it is doing. I get the same thing on my phone. As for websites, it is any website I visit. I have it paired now so it should be displaying adobe's forum site and I tried google, facebook, twitter, a list apart, cnn, etsy just to name a few. Not one site pops up.


            I turned off the firwall to see if that would work, and I have no change.


            It is almost like the app is not responding, I hit "refresh" and nothing happens. When I hit "open in browser" the app does nothing. Normally, when it was working, it would switch over to safari. So its like these options don't work. The screenshot appeard to work (the screen flashed) but I don't have the image in my photos.


            Here is something interesting, when I copy the url, exit out of the app, open safari and paste it into the browser, I get the adobe forums url, which is the site that I am on now in chrome obviously writing this post. So it is reconizing the website but not displaying. I just tested this again with google, again on my ipad, it is just that white screen, but when I copy the url, leave edge inspect adn open safari, paste the url, it gives me the url for google. So that is interesting. I am wondering if it might have something to do with the network that I created through my mac? I am going to try to create a new network to share with my ipad and see if that works.



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              lbmann22 Level 1

              Hi Mark,


              I fixed it. I recreated my internet sharing network and now it is working.


              Thanks so much for responding.



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