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    Adobe Photoshop CS6  Extended 3d Camera Rotation Timeline Issue

    Wintermute 001 Level 1

      This is driving me daffy, and maybe it's obvious, but I hope someone might have an answer. I'm trying to create a timeline wherein the camera rotates in a circle around a 3d Object that is located at the origin of the Ground Plane. I click 3d Camera in the Timeline to create my beginning keyframe, I drag the time slider to the end of the timeline, and I Rotate the camera view around the Z (vertical central)  axis of the ground plane. I have the caps lock on so that the ground plane stays perfectly level as I rotate.)  As I am rotating the 3d Camera, the entire scene appears to rotate around the Z axis at the origin of the ground plane, which is what I want the animation to look like, but this is not the scene that plays back. When I play back the scene by clicking the play button or dragging the time slider, it rotates off-axis around some other center of rotation, with my 3d object often rotating out of the scene. Am I doing something wrong? Any insight would be appreciated.


      J. Combs


      P.S. --I tried the technique both on an imported 3d object (a head) and on Photoshop's preset Hat object with the same results.