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    MS offers "death of the desktop"?

    Curt Y Level 7

      Microsoft provided the first glimpse of how that plan might come together two weeks ago, when it unveiled its new strategy codenamed "Blue." The company promises to roll out more frequent and more incremental updates of Windows, Windows Phone, Office and Xbox software. More than that, those updates will be coordinated across Microsoft's multiple platforms, to get all customers' "devices, apps and services working together."


      But Microsoft's plan may be even better than anything Apple or Google currently have to offer. If -- and it's still a lofty if -- there's a shred of validity to rumors that Microsoft will merge the Windows and Windows Phone platforms, "Blue" could end up being a huge deal. Dissolving the barrier between mobile and desktop would be nothing short of impressive.


      http://money.cnn.com/2013/04/10/technology/microsoft-windows-blue-strategy/index.html?iid= Lead



      This is scarry stuff after I have seen the Win 8 platform and start of the new era to make your desktop look and act like a smart phone.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          It will be the "death of Microsoft" if they try to move too quickly and stop supporting the Win32 side of things (i.e., the "desktop" within Windows).  There are just too many decades of software for which there is no Metro/Modern equivalent.  They keep saying it in order to hurry the world up into developing stuff for the "big font full screen" side, but the desktop is just not going away any time soon.


          Funny thing you'd mention this...  I've just been tweaking my Windows 8 VM with some new 3rd party software in development that restores Aero Glass, and I've got the desktop looking and working darned near as well as it does on a Windows 7 system.  Turns out that giving Aero back a little style, and especially drop shadows, makes it feel a whole lot more comfortable.  Check out this Windows 8 screen grab...




          In case anyone wonders how this has anything to do with Photoshop, I used Photoshop to work on the theme resources to restore the drop shadows and make the buttons look a little better... 




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            Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I just hope MS remembers all the issues with its customers way back when Windows and NT merged. They were forced to make it backward compatible. Something tells me they will face the same thing this time. Most users are use to the Windows GUI and don't like change. Its better to wean people then to force it down their throats.

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              TLL... Level 3

              "Its better to wean people then to force it down their throats."


              So True. that's why both my win 7 systems @work and home look and "feel" just like good 'ol XP. At least as well as I can do that (dump all that aero stuff, gee-wiz widgety mumbo jumbo, etc.).


              I'm still trying to get myself to try win 8, as I have a the spouses laptop @home crying out for a SSD and I'm reluctant to mess around with the installed home edtion of win 7. Win 7 pro still seems the way to go...

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                Lundberg02 Level 3

                MS isn't alone in killing the desktop. OS 10.8 Mountain Lion is the first step for Apple, and 10.9 will be even more ridiculous.