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    Breeze Meeting Sync SWF SDK Contest

    Fang_-_Adobe Level 1
      Announcing the Sync SWF SDK contest for our Flash developer community! With the Breeze Meeting Sync SWF SDK, Adobe has enabled developers to create custom collaborative applications, using a set of easy-to-use ActionScript APIs. As adoption of Breeze rises, more and more customers are asking for specialized content and applications that fit within the real-time collaboration framework Breeze already offers.

      The SDK allows Flash developers to extend the functionality of Breeze Meeting by synchronizing Flash-based multi-user applications and content so that meeting attendees can collaborate on them in real-time. Developers can leverage this SDK to create interactive learning simulations, product demonstrations, sales ROI calculators, financial modeling, or interactive ice-breakers, to name a few examples, for use by general meeting organizers.

      We want to get you, our development community, involved with this technology -- it's the biggest innovation in real-time collaboration since screen-sharing. Using the new Breeze Exchange ( http://www.adobe.com/go/breeze_exchange), you can now post their Sync SWF creations for others to try and/or buy.

      To celebrate this exciting news, we are running a contest in which four (4) $5,000 USD prizes will be given away. Winners will be announced at Adobe MAX ( http://www.adobe.com/events/max) in October, included in Breeze customer communications, and featured on adobe.com. The contest is open to developers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, and Japan. For full contest details, please see http://www.adobe.com/devnet/breeze/articles/sync_swf_contest.html.

      I am looking forward to your exciting creations and entries!!!

      Fang Chang
      Product Manager, Breeze