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    Uploading  new Adobe Element Albums


      How do I upload recently created albums that reside on my Adobe Elements program of my home computer to Revel?

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          Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Please see our FAQ post "How do I upload photos to Revel" http://forums.adobe.com/message/5114160#5114160

          It shows the way to upload your images from Elements 11 to Revel. When uploading your images, they are uploaded to the main library. If you want the images to be in separate albums, then create the album in Revel and add the photos to the album. Currently you cant just upload the album folder structure from Elements to Revel, but we are working very hard to deliver more capabilities and expand onto new platforms, devices, and file formats.



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            Pattie F Employee Moderator

            If you have Elements 11, the link Scott posted above will help as Scott described. If you are using an older version of Elements, then it will not connect to Revel. You will need to save files to your hard drive and then upload the files from your hard drive to Revel.  ( to the App if you use Mac, or using adoberevel.com if you are using a PC.) The same link will also tell you how to get the files from Mac or PC to Revel.