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    Reduce (Shrink) Image Size - Desperate, please help!


      Good Afternoon


      I am a fairly novice user of Illustrator. I have my company logo in an .AI and .PNG format. I need to "shrink" the image while perserving the image quality. I am trying to design an ad for my business and the file is too big for the dimensions of the ad in photoshop. When i attempt to reduce the file size (Edit--> Free Transform) I am able to "shrink" the logo down to fit (about 70% reduction), but it turns out very blurry and not sharp. The sharpen filter does not seem to help.


      I have been told I need to take the .AI file, and shink the logo there, then converting to a PNG to be placed into the ad. I **think** I did this, but the image still turns out blurry.


      I'm desperate.... please help! ha ha Any suggestions are greatly appriciated. Thank you

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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your workflow isn't very clear.


          It looks like you assemble your ad in Photoshop. Your logo will never look "sharp" that way.


          You should better assemble the ad in a layout or vector software.


          Apart from that: is the logo vector or raster data? an Illustrator file can contain both. Go into outline mode and check if there are paths. If there aren't: bad luck, you'll have to vectorize the logo first.

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            John Danek Level 4

            Use the .ai logo file and prepare the document in Illustrator.  Use the scale tool to size the logo to fit your layout.  This is pretty basic desktop publishing.  When you are done designing the ad, save a copy using "Save-For-Web" if the ad is destined for the internet.  If it is for print, get the prepress rerquirements and prepare a copy for whatever the vendor asks for.  Always keep the original .ai file intact.  Send-out whatever as a copy of the original, just in case you need it for a termplate or future edits.