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    Using AS3 to resize a movie clip (in my game it is the life bar)

    Charine -FB buggoop Level 1

      S O L V E D thanks.


      In addition to my document class, I have created classes for objects in my game.


      One of these is a class of a rectangle that has to scale down as the timer in my document class runs.


      So far I have managed to change the following (on other mc's) with the timer in place: alpha value and the position of the movie clip.


      My code for this class so far:


          import flash.display.MovieClip;

          public class TimerMiddle extends MovieClip


              public function TimerMiddle()


                  x = 1242;

                  y = 300;






      I think the next step in this class file would be to make a new public function to manipulate the scale timer bar called TimerMiddle. I want the width to stay the same, but the height to decrease as the TimerEvent runs. I have made sure that the referance point is at the bottom of the rectangle.


      How do I change the scale of the rectangle to indicate that the player's life goes down as the time runs out? I'm not sure if I change the height of the vertical bar, the scale or it I use tweening (And how to inplement any of the three.)

      What should I import into my document class once the best option is picked?


      Thanks for the help


      Thanks it works now.


      Added this to code



                public function scaleLifeBar():void


                  height = height - 10;



      I think my timer ran to fast to see it work before LOL. Coding brings out my inner idiot sometimes.