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    loading time

    graphicchick Level 1
      Hello Flash Users...
      I am new at learning or teaching myself flash and I have a question.
      I have a Flash Documents Which I converted to Html (F12) to publish
      I opened them in DreamWeaver and saved them there (Each there own html page)
      Now when I upload these html files to my server and view them on the web, it is taking FOREVER to view them, The first page is taking waaaay to long to open.
      Now what is the standard File size and how can I have my html Flash Files Open up quicker.
      My File size is currently 1.02KB for the index.html

      Just to let you know if this helps...I built the whole page in flash and linked it to the next page and pages thereafter with actionscript. (so eah page is a seperate html now)

      Any Help is Greatly appreciated THANKS A MILLION !!!
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          Sketchsta Level 1
          Hi there, long time aye?

          The issue with the loading time im guessing is due to your flash work, and not the html files. How big is your Flash movie?

          Have you got a pre-loader for your Flash files? This should atleast let your viewers know that "something" is happening.
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            graphicchick Level 1
            Hey Good to here from you!!! I added you to my IM but don't know when your on, because the time differance...
            Anyway, No I don't Have a Preloader...How would I add one ?
            I think your definatly right about it being the FLASH Movie and not the HTML, But when I push f12 doesn't it change my Flash Movie into a Html? Im Confused ???
            Anyway the original Flash Movie is 2.58MG for the index Flash Movie (I guess before it is a html) After I hit f12 and it is a html it is 1.02 KB. Maybe you can explain to me the differance between the Flash Movie (The Red Circle with F) and the HTML (The e Blue and White) ? THANKS SOOO Much for getting back to me....
            PS are you still on MSN???
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              Sketchsta Level 1
              Hey Hey =)

              Ok, first, Flash doesnt change your swf file (The Red Circle with F) into a html file.
              When you push F12, Flasg generates a HTML file with your swf file embedded (with code) into it.

              basically, the HTML file that Flash generates, is just a way for you to see your flash work inside a browser, when you upload it to a server.
              When you DO upload it to a server, you will need both your SWF and HTML files. the Html file will be called by the browser (firefox, internet explorer, netscape, etc..) and that HTML file calls to and displays your Flash work (swf)

              I hope that clears it up for you. =)
              By the way, are you still using Flash MX?
              i'll give you a basic pre-loader code when i get back later today. Its only afew lines, which should make sense to you instantly. =)

              Im still on MSN, but i dont have the net on my comp at the moment =(
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                Sketchsta Level 1
                Here is the pre-loader i promised you.
                Dont get scared tho, its actually really short. I just added alot of comments in there to help you understand what is going on in the code. Plus added a progressBar and Stroke to give some visuals on loading length.

                place this code on Frame 1 of your _root timeline. and make your movie start from Frame 3. on all layers, make sure there is Nothing on frames 1 and 2. except the preloading code.

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                  graphicchick Level 1
                  Quik question...Im a little slow...What does this preloader actually do or going to do ? Gosh I wish you had IM It would be easier to walk me through this....OK thanks again....Your a Doll for Helping!!!
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                    graphicchick Level 1
                    Sketch one more question,....How you upload your Flash Movie to the internet? I have been using DW and do you do something to ompact it before you upload it to make the file size smaller? Because how do all these people build movies in just flash and uplaod them with no problem and they come up in the browser 1,2,3 ya know??? Heeelp...I need my site to work.....lol
                    Thanks again Sketch....
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                      Sketchsta Level 1
                      This code is a pre-loader.
                      basically you move all your contents to frame 3 in the main timeline. and add this code i gave you to the first frame.

                      while your site is loading this code will display the ammount that has loaded into a text field as numbers, and it will draw a line to give a visual of how much is loaded and how much is left to load.


                      I upload my work with a 3rd party software. Filezilla.
                      Its just a simple FTP program. Alot like the FTP in Dreamweaver.

                      I dont do any compression other than creating a SWF. The same as you do.

                      Im affraid i dont know how to answer your last question... your SWF file size is large because you have alot of images, sounds, videos, etc.. embedded into it.
                      Thats the best guess i can give you.

                      If you want, you can send me your FLA, and i can have a look at it for you and give you some hints on how you could reduce the file size.

                      I would say for now, to resave your images from Photoshop as:
                      File ---> Save For Web ---> JPG

                      then on the quality slider, pick something like 70% maybe even 60.
                      play around with the quality until you get a good quality pic, and a small file size. (check the file size at the bottom left corner)

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                        graphicchick Level 1
                        Thanks for responding!!! Yes I will add the preloader code and also try what you said with the jpg's N quality...Ya know I like to build buttons and images in photoshop and bring them into Flash....Is it standard to always save them as Jpgs because Alot of them I saved as Giff or PNG...Which one is better and is one more compacted then another? Thanks Sketch again...
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                          graphicchick Level 1
                          One More things...If I import a button as a jpg...It has a white Background thats why I did them as PNG because there is no white background its transparant..Unless there is a way to change this???
                          Graphic Chick....Again LOL
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                            Sketchsta Level 1
                            When I export images from photoshop, i usually use the Save For Web option. This allows me to see in real time what quality settings do what to my image, and what size it will be.

                            From here I can save JPG, GIF, and PNG both 8bit and 16bit

                            If i have a image that has alot of fine detail or gradients i usually go with JPG. Ranging from 60% to 80% quality. Rarely i go for 100, unless the pics are realy small, like thumb nails.

                            If the image has fine detail with flat colors, no gradients, i try for a GIF format, and just add and remove colors, till i get it looking right...If i cant, then it's JPG. =)

                            GIF is a good format to try and use. Although not the best quality, for high detailed images. It does really good for low to mid level of detail (at 256 colors) it also supports Transparency, and is a very small file size.
                            --- transparency in GIF format should only be used if the transparent edges are sharp and crisp. Usually only straight lines.. But try it anyway, sometimes you get a reasonable outcome, at half the file size of a PNG.

                            PNG is the Largest file size of the 3.
                            But, it does wonders for High detailed and gradient images. plus transparency too.

                            for me JPG should always be used on high detailed images, if you dont need transparency.

                            Basically, you should pick the Format that best suits the picture you work with. I usually stay away from PNG's unless i cant get a good outcome with the others.
                            and Flash reads all 3 formats no problems.

                            Hope this helps. =)
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                              graphicchick Level 1
                              Thanks Sketch Yes it helped alot Your a Doll!! I actually got the site up and loading normal but I have a problem...When You click on the buttons the next page opens in a seperate window ...even though when I did the actionscript it is _self Any Idea why it opens in a seperate window??? Each page is its own HTML but that shouldn't matter if the buttons are coded right .Right?
                              HEEELP LOL Thanks Sketch your a life saver
                              Buy the way did ya move yet?
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                                Sketchsta Level 1
                                If you are clicking on a button that opens a .html file using _self. It should open in the same window. Unless you are clicking the button from Flash player eg...test movie, or the SWF.
                                If you open the SWF inside a browser, and click the buttons, it should load the next page in the same window.
                                If it doesnt, double check your code on the buttons, and make sure you have _self.

                                Yeah I moved from that old place, im staying with my sista at the moment, but moving out of here soonish. =)
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                                  graphicchick Level 1
                                  Happy Holidays!!! I wanted to say I have the Swf file Inside my DW Html and maybe thats why they open in seperate windows??? The code is correct (the one you gave me in the past) On(release){getURL("myhtmpage.html",_self)} This is correct right? .....Ok let me know if there is something else that I am missing because it still opens in seperate windows....Thanks Sketch!!!!
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                                    graphicchick Level 1
                                    Sketch... Heeelllpp! How Have ya been??? I still can figure out why my pages are not opening in the same HTML page? I have the buttons _self....(the code you told me...but still seperate windows are coming up? Why? If ya could help or have any suggestions...I would greatly appreciate it...Thanks my friend...
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                                      Thanks for preloader and progress bar. I have been trying use it in the first 2 frames of my Flash movie, however, when I go to test it, I get the following:


                                      and then nothing happens. It just sits there with no progress happening. Am I doing something wrong?