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    cfftp error from a batch job in CF10, works in CF9


      I have several batch jobs that ftp text files (.txt) from CF server to IBM Mainframe using cfftp.

      The biggest text file is 108MB.

      It is running fine in cf9 for the past 2 years.


      When I am testing one of the cfftp batch jobs (file size = 2MB) in CF10, I got this error

      Invalid content type: ''. The files upload action requires forms to use enctype=""multipart/form-data"".


      I couldn't find any information on using cfftp in a batch job when I googled about the problem, not to mention in CF10 environment.


      Most people are using cffile and calling the upload within their web application.


      But I have my upload running in a batch job.


      Can anyone help???