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    Back to the last menu doesn't work (bluray)



      Here's my problem: I have several menus (in different languages) that sometimes leads to the same video (for example, a button in french menu leads to the same track as a button in the german menu). I want that if the user presses "menu" his remote control, he goes back to last menu (if he comes from the french menu, I want the bluray to go back to french menu). To do that, i selected "go back to last menu" in every sequence. It works correctly when i simulize the navigation in the viewer, but when i burn the bluray, when I press menu, the disk don't even goes back to french nor german, it goes back to the main menu of the disk.

      I tried to choose "go back to last menu" in the disk asset for the "title button" but it's in grey and i can't choose it.

      Do someone have a solution?

      Tank you,


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          bigmanfontu Level 1



          I find it strange that the action works in preview mode, but not when you burn an actual blu-ray disc.  When you test out the blu-ray disc, do you use blu-ray hardware to test it?  Or are you using a piece of software like PowerDVD?


          Also, instead of just using "return to last menu", have you attempted to drag the pick whip to the correct menu you want it to link too?



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            Alan Craven Level 4

            It would be useful if you could post an image of your flowchart - this depicts exactly the navigation routes within your project.  I have used "Return to last Menu" extensively with blu-ray and never had the problem that you describe.


            I think that given the complexity of your project you would do better to go the extra mile and set the navigation manually, as described in the previous post #1

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              Mikeoone666 Level 1


              I test it on a Sony Bluray player on my television. I can't use the pick whip because the video has to return to the menu the user comes from (I have five menues that link to same track)...

              I also discover another problem, every time I presse the button "top menu"on my controller (the only one that works) it leads me back to the main menu but not on the right button (it is supposed to go to the button 1 and it always goes to the button 5) here again, it works on the preview but not on the Bluray player...

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                Mikeoone666 Level 1

                I used to do it manualy on DVD Studio pro because it allows to use script and to tell to your player from witch menu you come from. but here i don't how to manaTrack setting.jpgTurkish Menu.jpgFrench menu.pngMenu german.jpgge the routing to five differents menus. An also, even if route correclty the link after the track, I have to find a way to go back to previous menu and not to the top menu...

                I join four screen shots. You have example of 3 differents menu and the las on the bottom "viskose bitkisel" "Oreillers Visco Végétale" lead to the same track (the 4h screenshot) "oreillers memo sensitifs"

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                  Alan Craven Level 4

                  On reflection, I do not think you can do what you are trying to do.  A timeline can have only one end action,leading to a single location in the flowchart.   As the timeline has been approached from different language menus on different occasions, returning to the correct menu cannot be guaranteed.  There are inevitably several "last menus",  in different languages.


                  The only way Ican see to achieve what you want would be to have a timeline for each language.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                    Try hitting the Pop Up menu bottom on the remote instead.

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                      Mikeoone666 Level 1

                      Hey, thank you for your answer!

                      So i duplicated every timeline that leaded to several menu. When i play entirely every timeline, no problem, at the end it goes to the right button/menu i assigned to it. But the problem remains when i push "top menu" on the remote control, it still going back to the first menu of the disk (i fact it sounds logic as the button is named "top menu". On my remote control i have four buttons: "top menu", "pop up/menu" "options" "return". the three last ones have abolutly no effects... I'm really desperate i admit...

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                        Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        I cannot see the detail in one of your images.


                        But try this. Select a TIMELINE. In the properties, set the "menu remote" to last menu. Now try the "return" and other buttons.

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                          Alan Craven Level 4

                          The buttons on your remote will be programmed according to a particular protocol, chosen by its manufacturer.  Encore clearly does not have code to generate the necessary signal to enable the other three buttons to work - and it only has the one, for top menu.  "Top Menu" will be hard-coded to activate the top menu button on the remote.


                          There have been other instances where a particular disc feature would work in the Encore preview, but would not work with a burnt disc in a set top player.  One such used to be Chapter Playlists for Blu-ray.  With CS4 and 5, they would work in preview, but not on the disc.  Only with CS6 did we get this feature properly operational.