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    Code:6 bitrate is too high


      Please help!


      Encore CS5.1 says Code:6 error when I´m trying to build a Bluray,H264+AC3 x 2.


      I created H264 file using Blu-ray template, but another MainConcept Encoder..


      Assets status are included below.


      H264 (Encoder setting :H264 high@4.1 VBR4.5-24Mb/s)

      <Mediainfo version="0.7.62">
      <track type="General">
      <Format_Info>Advanced Video Codec</Format_Info>
      <FileSize_String>3.83 GiB</FileSize_String>

      <track type="Video">
      <Format_Info>Advanced Video Codec</Format_Info>
      <Format_Settings_RefFrames_String>4 frames</Format_Settings_RefFrames_String>
      <Format_Settings_GOP>M=3, N=30</Format_Settings_GOP>
      <BitRate_Maximum_String>24.0 Mbps</BitRate_Maximum_String>
      <Width_String>1 920 pixels</Width_String>
      <Height_String>1 080 pixels</Height_String>
      <FrameRate_String>23.976 fps</FrameRate_String>
      <BitDepth_String>8 bits</BitDepth_String>



      6ch, 640Kb/s



      2ch, 192Kb/s


      I tryed another setting(VBR2pass, 4.5-25.5Mb/s)  before, but I got fales.


      All files can use another tools, and Blu-ray disc can play with Blu-ray Recoder .


      I don't want to use CBR setting if possible.


      Any ideas?


      Forgive my English.



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The one thing that raises a red flag for me is the .264 extension.

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            Jeff Bellune Adobe Community Professional

            .264 files work well in En if they adhere to the BD spec.  I've used .264 files from both MeGUI and x264Pro with no issues whatsoever.


            I don't think it's the file extension.



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              Ponpon_v2 Level 1

              Thanks to reply.


              Whitout Target bitrate (from BD Preset bitrate 20Mb/s to custom bitrate, 4.5Mb/s) , I didn't change.


              Encoder setting are below.


              Bitrate buffer: 3MB

              VBR buffer initial: 10%

              VBR buffer target: 100%

              Max I-frame, B-frame, P-frame, Br-frame size: Auto


              I-frame interval = 30

              Min. I-frame  interval = 1

              Mark every 1 I-frame as IDR

              Fixed I-frame distance: disable

              Adaptive B-flame placement: enable

              MacroBlock: 8x8

              Subpixel search depth: 1/4

              Reference frames: 4

              Serch range: 99

              Weighted prediction for p-frames: enable

              Fast intra decision and inter decision: enable

              Simplified RD optimaization: enable

              Deblocking filter: CABAC


              I think this setting is much to Blu-ray standerd.