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    Code:6 bitrate is too high


      Please help!


      Encore CS5.1 says Code:6 error when I´m trying to build a Bluray,H264+AC3 x 2.


      I created H264 file using Blu-ray template, but another MainConcept Encoder..


      Assets status are included below.


      H264 (Encoder setting :H264 high@4.1 VBR4.5-24Mb/s)

      <Mediainfo version="0.7.62">
      <track type="General">
      <Format_Info>Advanced Video Codec</Format_Info>
      <FileSize_String>3.83 GiB</FileSize_String>

      <track type="Video">
      <Format_Info>Advanced Video Codec</Format_Info>
      <Format_Settings_RefFrames_String>4 frames</Format_Settings_RefFrames_String>
      <Format_Settings_GOP>M=3, N=30</Format_Settings_GOP>
      <BitRate_Maximum_String>24.0 Mbps</BitRate_Maximum_String>
      <Width_String>1 920 pixels</Width_String>
      <Height_String>1 080 pixels</Height_String>
      <FrameRate_String>23.976 fps</FrameRate_String>
      <BitDepth_String>8 bits</BitDepth_String>



      6ch, 640Kb/s



      2ch, 192Kb/s


      I tryed another setting(VBR2pass, 4.5-25.5Mb/s)  before, but I got fales.


      All files can use another tools, and Blu-ray disc can play with Blu-ray Recoder .


      I don't want to use CBR setting if possible.


      Any ideas?


      Forgive my English.



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          The one thing that raises a red flag for me is the .264 extension.

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            Jeff Bellune Level 5

            .264 files work well in En if they adhere to the BD spec.  I've used .264 files from both MeGUI and x264Pro with no issues whatsoever.


            I don't think it's the file extension.



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              Ponpon_v2 Level 1

              Thanks to reply.


              Whitout Target bitrate (from BD Preset bitrate 20Mb/s to custom bitrate, 4.5Mb/s) , I didn't change.


              Encoder setting are below.


              Bitrate buffer: 3MB

              VBR buffer initial: 10%

              VBR buffer target: 100%

              Max I-frame, B-frame, P-frame, Br-frame size: Auto


              I-frame interval = 30

              Min. I-frame  interval = 1

              Mark every 1 I-frame as IDR

              Fixed I-frame distance: disable

              Adaptive B-flame placement: enable

              MacroBlock: 8x8

              Subpixel search depth: 1/4

              Reference frames: 4

              Serch range: 99

              Weighted prediction for p-frames: enable

              Fast intra decision and inter decision: enable

              Simplified RD optimaization: enable

              Deblocking filter: CABAC


              I think this setting is much to Blu-ray standerd.